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Imagine a classroom where students take control of their education in an interactive, discovery-based online learning environment. Imagine easy-to-use tools for teaching that are designed to provide teachers with creative new ways to help their students develop critical thinking skills, while meeting the educational expectations established by core standards.

We believe teachers are the key to unlocking a student’s learning potential. Artifacts Teach provides teachers with new ways to challenge their students. Using 3D Objects, teachers create interactive lesson plans that challenge students to see artifacts through the lenses of mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies.  Artifacts Teach is easy-to-use, educator-designed, and student-tested.

Matt shares his passion for "Artifacts Teach" in the class room.


  • “Every object has a story to tell if you know how to read it.”
    – Henry Ford
  • “Dealing with objects is a great way to teach the different steps involved in analyzing different kinds of materials. With just a little background, you can get students to engage with entirely new materials in extremely fruitful ways.”
    – Anita Nikkanen
    Harvard University
  • “Using objects helps students develop important intellectual skills.”
    – John Hennigar Shuh
    Curator, Nova Scotia Museum
  • "Whenever I used objects in my EFL classroom, I was surprised by how many questions I would get. I was especially excited when students who usually sat quietly were tempted to ask a question based on my object.”
    – Jenny Wei
    Specialist, National Museum of American History
  • When we examine the parts, we get a new perspective on the whole. There is nothing like holding a dinosaur bone, or the smell of cedar baskets…”
    – Burke Museum
    University of Washington, Seattle WA
  • “Every object has a story, right? Actually that’s a bit limiting. Every object has multiple stories.”
    – Rob Walker
    designer of Significant Objects and How They Got That Way

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